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We have been quiet for a few months as we transitioned into our new space!

With the new spaces, comes a few changes.


Secondly, we are up 4 flights of stair so be prepared for that and also there are 3 locked doors so arriving ON TIME is mandatory.

Third, our bathrooms are shared with a few other artists on our hallway. I will supply a cleaning caddy for those that want a little more peace of mind!

Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about WHERE?!

Still in New Haven, located about 5 minutes from the other studio off I91.

315 Peck Street in the Erector Square Building. We are in Building number 5 and there is a small parking lot in front of NH Auctions that you can use. Please note: the 3 spots by the brick wall that say reserved are for the management and YOU CANNOT PARK THERE. If the small lot is full you can park in the big one with the Erector Square sign and walk over. It is well light! We are located above Music Haven on the 3rd floor so follow the signs for Music Haven and give us a call/text when you are at the locked black door and we will send someone to open it! If you come to a class after 4pm the door to building 5 will also be locked, so again give us a call if we are not already down there waiting for you!

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