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1 on 1 Privates 

Training can be in Pole, Lyra, Barre or Flexibility and is catered                         1 Hour Session  $85

to your individual needs and capabilities.                                                                3 Sessions for   $225

                                                                                                                                            5 Sessions for  $325

Semi- Privates 

2 to 4 people. 4 people max- no exceptions. Training can be in                         1 Hour Session  $160

Pole. Lyra, Barre or Flexibility and can be catered to group requests, 

including music requests. 

Group Flexibility Classes

No Experience Needed! Open to all levels. Our functional flexibility                   1 Hour Session  $25

 classes focus on active flexibility, and we utilize resistance bands                     5 Sessions for   $99

to build the muscle and then lengthen & stretch.                                               10 Sessions for   $180

Open Studio

Open Studio is time to come use the facilities without instruction. You            1 Hour Weekdays   $10

must have previous pole experience as no teacher will be available               1 Hour Weeknights  $15

during this time.                                                                                                            1 Hour Weekends    $15

Private Studio Rentals

Same concept as Open Studio -use of the facilities without instruction.             1 Hour  Rental  $35

Can be used for Photo shoots, self-practice, Comp training, etc.                    2 Consecutive hrs  $60

It will be you and whoever you bring -the studio will be closed to the public.

please note: You cannot use the space to teach or host an event without first adding PoleFly to your liability insurance (email: for more info).

We reserve the right to turn away a rental if they do not provide proper insurance.                                                                                                          

24 hour cancellation policy: any cancellations made after the 24hr window will lose a class credit. If no class credit is on file you will have to pay for the class to be able to rebook with me. If you do not pay within 24hrs you will lose the booking time and it will go to somebody else. 


Please send all booking inquiries, schedule adjustments time off needed, and  cancellations to

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