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Patreon For Recorded Classes

When we first found out we had to close our doors, our first priority was to keep content available for our current members. While many ran to "live" class platforms, we took a step back and decided it would be best to create content that people can access at anytime that they wanted. A place where we didn't need to worry about registrations, check-ins, time conflicts, emails, etc etc. That is why we chose to create our Patreon Platform. The Tiers start at $1 for full access to our content. In addition to making sure that people can work out when they needed it, we also felt it was important to not add another source of monetary stress to our faithful students. Many people are out of work and sources of income are scarce and that is frightening. Sacrificing the sanity that working out brings was not something we were willing to do. Thankfully, our members who are still working have generously donated each month to help keep our studio rent and expenses paid.

We will continue to keep our Patreon a pay what you can platform.

We currently have over 65 videos and that numbers grows daily!

Workout anytime, pause, rewind, fast forward to digest the content at your own pace.

Create your own mix of classes to challenge your bodies needs, or just relax with a foam roll session.

Comments can be made and requests are always accepted.

We hope to see you there!

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