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PoleFly™   FAQ & Policies

Below are some Frequently asked Questions that about PoleFly Aerial Fitness.

To create an enjoyable environment for both students and instructors, we have the following studio policies. We kindly ask that you read through before visiting the studio and signing up for classes. These policies will be strictly enforced.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me at jess@pole-fly.com .

What do I have to wear?

Every Class will have different dress codes. Please check Class Descriptions for more specific information.

For Intro to Pole, Flexibility, chair dance, and barre classes you can wear regular workout clothes.

For Silks, Lyra, and Flygym classes we recommend fitted leggings/capris to protect skin from abrasions on the apparatus. 

Shorts are required for intermediate/advanced pole classes for grip.

No shoes necessary, socks/heels optional.

Who can come to the studio?

Anyone over the age of 18yrs old is welcome at the studio. Sorry at this time we have no kid specific classes. No gender restrictions, no previous athletic ability, or experience needed. We are aimed to help women and men with no experience in fitness to progress at their own pace in a safe and comfortable environment.

How do I book a class?

We have a few methods for booking a class.
You can utilize our free mobile app by downloading

WellnessLiving Acheive.
You can sign up with Wellness Living  Site .

Or visit our Class Schedule page.
If you don't like using electronic scheduling you are able to email jess@pole-fly.com directly to book your class, call 203-776-7653 and leave a message about what class you want to attend OR text 203-982-2357 with your name and what class/date/and time you wish to be signed up for.

How do I book a party?

Email Jess@pole-fly.com

Have a date and time in mind.

She will then confirm availability and send you further instructions on paying deposits.

It is best to email with booking information and inquires.

You can also Book an event yourself

using our online scheduler.


Create a login and go to parties and privates to browse times and book your event.

Once the $100 deposit is made you are all set

Can I wear Jewerly and Lotions?

Absolutely NO JEWELRY and NO LOTION!!! It ruins the aerial equipment and is a safety hazard. There are no EXCEPTIONS.

Wash hands previous to class if you have used any lotion or hair products throughout the day.

All jewelry must be removed before class starts. Should you be unable to remove a ring or bracelet you will be given athletic tape to cover it. Come prepared; if you are worried about your jewelry, leave it in the car or at home.

We will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any damage done to your jewelry or to your person should you choose to wear your jewelry, but you WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for any damage to our equipment should you scratch or dent the poles. Refusal to remove jewelry may also result in you not being permitted to take class... note: you will still be charged for the class.


Late cancellation fees apply to any no show or a registration cancellation made less than 3 hours in advance.

To cancel a reservation you can email Jess@pole-fly.com or you can log onto your Wellness Living Account or the phone app and cancel.

If you call the studio to cancel, you MUST leave a voicemail. We do not have a receptionist. If your voicemail was placed more than 3hrs in advance then no cancellation fees will apply. If you call less then 3hrs in advance, unfortunately late fees will still be added to your account. When leaving a voicemail, please give us your name, phone number, and the class and time you are cancelling out of. If you were attending with freinds, please leave their information as well. 

The best way to cancel, is through the app.

If it says you will be charged, that means you failed to cancel before the 3hr window. 

If you cancel a class, you will NOT be refunded. You can chose to use the class credit at another time or transfer your credit to another person. Absolutely no monetary refund will be given, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Late Cancellations will result in a loss of a class payment or a negative balance on your account.

Please see below for further details on late cancellations*

 Late Cancellations

*If you late/cancel or NO SHOW to a class more then 3 times in 1 month you will NO longer be allowed to preregister for classes more then 24hrs in advance and will be charged full price for missed classes even if you have a monthly membership.

*If you late cancel/no show to a class, you will get a class taken off your class pack. If you didn't prepay you will get a negative balance on your account and have to pay the balance before you can take your next class.

*If you are a monthly member, you will get a $10 deduction automatically added to your account and not able to attend a class until you pay your late fees.



We want to assure a student is going to show up to class because our instuctors time is valuable, just like our students time. We also want to allow plenty of time for someone on the waitlist to be able to attend the class, should another student not be able to show up.