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Class Descriptions

          PoleFly™ Aerial Fitness offers classes for all fitness levels. None of our classes are weekly series, no waiting for the next cycle to start or worrying if you miss a class that you will fall behind. We understand that everyone progresses in their fitness journey at different paces, therefore our classes are designed to help you meet your unique individual goals. Instructors will keep classes fun and challenging while providing safe modifications so everyone can participant.


           **PLEASE note that Pole Fitness Classes, while at your own pace, are still a progression. Spend as much time as you need in each level, to

                                 learn all you can, and talk with your instructor when you are ready to advance to the next level. 


 NO LOTION the day of pole class, it makes the poles slippery and that's a safety concern ! 

Also, NO JEWERLY- We have a lockbox you can keep your  valuables in. Jewerly can get caught up in spins & inversion and also can scratch and damage the pole. 

 Intro to Pole is required for all students who are new to Pole Fitness. This class will teach you all the basic pole terminology. We will help you develop your unique pole walk and introduce you to beginner spins and some sassy floorwork. Even if you have gone to a Pole Party, we still require you take atleast one Intro to Pole class with us !


Work out pants and T-shirts can be worn for this class. 

Intro to Aerials is required for all students who are new to Aerial Silks & Lyra. This class will teach you proper engagement and strength training drills to get your body prepped for the wonderful world of floating in the air.

We will use both silks & Lyra to learn about aerial fitness and open your eyes to what you will need to know to continue your Aerial journey. After Intro, you can then decide to just take Lyra Fundamentals, just silk fundamentals or if you loved both, then take both classes! 

Basic mounts, wraps, and poses will be taught in this class. 

 Fitted Long pants, High Sock and/or Leg Warmers are strongly recommended. 



 Pole FUNdamentals is the next step after Intro to Pole. This class will teach you the beginner/ intermediate spins and floorwork that will become your building blocks in advanced classes.  

Classes are formated to teach you  not only how to properly execute the pole move but also how to transition in and out of moves seemlessly. In this class, we will start conditioning your body to create muscle memory that will have you climbing the pole in no time !



 Pole Sits & Climbs is our intermediate Pole Class. You will take Intro to Pole fundamentals first and when you get stronger in your end of class pole conditioning, the instructor will let you know that you are ready to try our Pole Sits and Climbs class.

This class with focus on building a variety of strong climbs, sits and upright poses. We will emphasis being able to move comfortable between each pose and there will be strength and conditioning drills to help you build up to solid inverts. ( no kicking ) 




Pole Inversions is our int/adv class that focuses on building up a vocabulary of inverted poses/tricks. We work on creating a strong foundation of body awareness to help us safely move from on pose to the next and how to create combos that best suit our bodies capablities.

Tricksters is our advance Pole class. Strong body awareness, aerial inverts and a high comfort level in aerial transitions is required. We work on creating long complex pole combos and building up strength for more dynamic moves such as flips and drops on and off the pole.

Fly Gym fitness program is a fusion of suspended athletic conditioning, aerial yoga poses, Pilates techniques, and pole & aerial arts inspired exercises.  Through our specially designed aerial fitness programs, you can achieve 360° motion,  improved body awareness, greater joint mobility, spinal decompression, and the opportunity to find creativity in movement as you sculpt your body with support from the Flygym Hammocks.


Fitted shirts and leggings are recommended for this class. Shorts or baggy clothing are not.

        Our Lyra/ Aerial Hoop Classes are broken into multiple catergories.

Intro to Aerials is requried before any other classes.

Lyra Fundamentals- Beginners/ Intermediate

Lyra Fit/Mixed Level/Lyra Flow- All levels welcome

 Lyra Tricks- Intermediate/Advanced (instructor permission required)


 Beginners will be instructed on how to build up muscle memory & strength to move on and off the aerial apparatus. Fundamentals classes are suggested before taking choreo or mixed level. 

Intermediate/Advanced students will start to learn to piece the tricks and poses they know together to create a flow of movement around the Lyra. There will be more focus on specific strength & flexibility conditioning to obtain advanced tricks and flows. 


Long Sleeve shirts and tight fitted pants / leggings are recommended for this class. 

At PoleFly, we have created a unique barre class to help you build those long lean muscles .

It is not a  ballet dance class, this workout is pilates inspired.  

Our barre class targets legs, glutes, and the core

with an emphasize on ABS ! 

This class is for all levels.

You will laugh, sweat, & shake while building muscles and increasing flexibility. 

 Chair Dance is a fun cardio dance class

that starts with a warm up and morphs into building a choreographed routine that is performed together at the end of the class. 

Routines vary from comical, contemporary, hip hop, mixed with pole and sultry. 

Song requests are taken and songs are choreographed to the music.



All fitness levels are welcome,

 this class is all about moving and having fun.

Aerial Silk are divided by 3 levels.


Intro to Aerials- First timers/beginners

Silks Fundamentals- Beginners/Int/

Mixed Level Silks- Int/Adv

 Silks Fundamentals is a mutli level Aerial Silks class. Intro to Aerials is REQUIRED before taking this class.
Due to our low ceiling height. This class is focused on a mix of strength and flexibility based poses and is not progressive. 
You will work at your own level. We do circuit style conditioning using the silks to help you build upgrip, upper body and core strength.
We alternate with open silks and hammock work.
Beginners and advance students are welcome.





Flexibility is our general stretching class.

 No Exp is needed, all levels are welcome.

We will work different areas of the body each class.

Emphasis is increasing range of motion.

Modifications will be made for any injuries.


This Class Utilizes Strength and Conditioning drills on and off the Pole to train the body to improve overall fitness abilities.

Intro to Pole is required. No other exp needed and all levels are welcome.